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Hall of Fame Game 2017, Live, Stream, Streaming, Watch, Cardinals vs Cowboys Live NFL

Hall of Fame Game: It may be the preseason, but actual NFL players will take the field in actual pads as the Arizona Cardinals and the Dallas Cowboys face off in the 2017 Pro Football Hall of Fame Game on Thursday in Canton, Ohio.

Watch Hall of Fame Game 2017 Live

Hall of Fame Game

This year, Cowboys owner, president and general manager Jerry Jones will be enshrined in the Hall of Fame, so his team playing in the game is all the more meaningful.

Hall of Fame Game

On the other side of the field, former Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner will receive a gold jacket, as well.

This year’s other inductees include Terrell Davis, LaDainian Tomlinson, Jason Taylor, Kenny Easley and Morten Andersen.

Cardinals vs Cowboys

Below you’ll find all the information you need to watch the Hall of Fame Game on Thursday, as well as a preview of the matchup between two of the NFC’s top contenders.

2017 Pro Football Hall of Fame Game

Matchup: Arizona Cardinals vs. Dallas Cowboys

Date: Thursday, August 3

Location: Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium, Canton, Ohio

Time: 8 p.m. ET


Live Stream:; NBC Sports app

This year’s Hall of Fame Game is unique in that it’s taking place on Thursday night rather than Sunday of Hall of Fame weekend for the first time in NFL history. Training camps have only been open for 10 days.

Training camps have only been open for 10 days.

What does that mean? Well, let’s just say this; don’t expect to see good-looking football.

Here’s the thing; if you were hoping to see Dallas stars Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott and Arizona starters Carson Palmer and Larry Fitzgerald suit up, you’ll still have to wait at least a week.
The first foray into the preseason is “about the young guys,” according to Cardinals coach Bruce Arians, per the Associated Press via Newsday.

Luckily, the Cowboys and the Cardinals will play five preseason games each this year, including the Hall of Fame Game, so you’ll have more opportunities to see your favorite players from those teams take the field.

Also, the Cowboys and the Cardinals take on one another in the regular season this year, so this preview, if you can call it that, will have a satisfying follow-up.copysource:

NFL draft 2017 Live, Stream, Streaming, Online, Watch Free

NFL draft 2017 Live: The 2017 NFL draft continues Friday, April 28, with rounds 2 and 3 in Philadelphia.ESPN and the NFL Network will both broadcast the draft in its entirety. Rounds 2 and 3 (picks 33-107) take place Friday beginning at 6 p.m. Central. Rounds 4-7 (picks 108-253) begin at 11 a.m. Saturday.

NFL draft 2017 Live

NFL draft 2017

Live Stream:Click Here To Watch NFL draft 2017 live Stream Free

Teams have seven minutes to make their selections in Round 2, five minutes for Rounds 3-6 and four minutes for Round 7.

Among the top players remaining on the board for the second round are Alabama offensive lineman Cam Robinson, Florida State running back Dalvin Cook, Michigan State defensive lineman Malik McDowell, Western Kentucky offensive lineman Forrest Lamp and Vanderbilt linebacker Zach Cunningham. The Green Bay Packers hold the first selection of the second round, by virtue of a Thursday night trade with the Cleveland Browns.

NFL draft 2017 Live Stream

Live streaming for the 2017 NFL draft is available via Watch ESPN or NFL Network.

Here’s the remaining draft schedule, including time, TV channel and live stream information (all times Central).

Friday, April 28

Rounds 2-3 (picks 33-107) — 6 p.m.-10 p.m., ESPN & NFL Network

Saturday, April 29

Rounds, 4-7 (picks 108-253) — 11 a.m.-7 p.m., ESPN & NFL Network

Here’s the complete draft order for Rounds 2 and 3:

Round 2
Pick (overall)
1 (33). Green Bay Packers from Cleveland Browns
2 (34). Seattle Seahawks from San Francisco 49ers
3 (35). Jacksonville Jaguars
4 (36). Chicago Bears
5 (37). Los Angeles Rams
6 (38). Los Angeles Chargers
7 (39). New York Jets
8 (40). Carolina Panthers
9 (41). Cincinnati Bengals
10 (42). New Orleans Saints
11 (43). Philadelphia Eagles
12 (44). Buffalo Bills
13 (45). Arizona Cardinals
14 (46). Indianapolis Colts
15 (47). Baltimore Ravens
16 (48). Minnesota Vikings
17 (49). Washington Redskins
18 (50). Tampa Bay Buccaneers
19 (51). Denver Broncos
20 (52). Cleveland Browns from Tennessee Titans
21 (53). Detroit Lions
22 (54). Miami Dolphins
23 (55). New York Giants
24 (56). Oakland Raiders
25 (57). Houston Texans
26 (58). Seattle Seahawks
27 (59). Kansas City Chiefs
28 (60). Dallas Cowboys
29 (61). Green Bay Packers
30 (62). Pittsburgh Steelers
31 (63). Atlanta Falcons
32 (64). Carolina Panthers from New England Patriots

Round 3
Pick (overall)
1 (65). Cleveland Browns
2 (66). San Francisco 49ers
3 (67). San Francisco 49ers from Chicago Bears
4 (68). Jacksonville Jaguars
5 (69). Los Angeles Rams
6 (70). New York Jets
7 (71). Los Angeles Chargers
8 (72). New England Patriots from Carolina Panthers
9 (73). Cincinnati Bengals
10 (74). Baltimore Ravens from Philadelphia Eagles
11 (75). Buffalo Bills
12 (76). New Orleans Saints
13 (77). Arizona Cardinals
14 (78). Baltimore Ravens
15 (79). Minnesota Vikings
16 (80). Indianapolis Colts
17 (81). Washington Redskins
18 (82). Denver Broncos
19 (83). Tennessee Titans
20 (84). Tampa Bay Buccaneers
21 (85). Detroit Lions
22 (86). Minnesota Vikings from Miami Dolphins
23 (87). New York Giants
24 (88). Oakland Raiders
25 (89). Houston Texans
26 (90). Seattle Seahawks
27 (91). Buffalo Bills from Kansas City Chiefs
28 (92). Dallas Cowboys
29 (93). Green Bay Packers
30 (94). Pittsburgh Steelers
31 (95). Seattle Seahawks from Atlanta Falcons
32 (96). New England Patriots
33 (97). Miami Dolphins (Compensatory Selection)
34 (98). Carolina Panthers (Compensatory Selection)
35 (99). Philadelphia Eagles from Baltimore Ravens (Compensatory Selection)
36 (100). Tennessee Titans from Los Angeles Rams (Compensatory Selection)
37 (101). Denver Broncos (Compensatory Selection)
38 (102). Seattle Seahawks (Compensatory Selection)
39 (103). New Orleans Saints from New England Patriots through Cleveland Browns (Compensatory Selection)
40 (104). Kansas City Chiefs (Compensatory Selection)
41 (105). Pittsburgh Steelers (Compensatory Selection)
42 (106). Seattle Seahawks (Compensatory Selection)
43 (107). New York Jets (Compensatory Selection)